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proximity | proximidad: (noun).

Def.: nearness in time, location, relation

Ex.: Because our house is in proximity to the airport, I hear planes all day long.

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HS: Bayard Rustin Girls Varsity Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to the Lady Seawolves who finished as finalist in the Bayard Rustin Girls Varsity Volleyball Tournament. A special shout out to Ava and Kyrsten , our MVP’s. WIsh them luck today as the take on Springfield Gardens.


Our annual town hall meeting will take place tomorrow, October 14, 2015 @ 6:00 p.m. There will be two guest speakers Officer Marmol from the NYPD and Computer Technician Mr. Davila. They will be talking about cyber safety and how to protect yourself on the internet. We hope to see you there.

Entire School: Student Reflection From Advisory

On Friday, October 9th we held our first Advisory session for the school year. Please fill out the advisory student survey that is located under the section ‘Student Related’ on the landing page. The information collected from this survey is used to help plan future sessions.


HS: Grade 10 & 11 PSATs

Please be reminded that tomorrow all grade 10 & 11 students will take the PSATs. Students must arrive to school by 8:30 with pens and calculators. Students will have regular scheduled afternoon classes. All grade 10 students will have lunch period 6 and then report to their regular scheduled period 6 class during period 7. Students will test as follows:
Homeroom 101- Room 305
Homeroom 102 – Room 304
Homeroom 103- Room 303
Homeroom 104 – Room 302
Homeroom 105 – Room 301
Homeroom 111 – Room 326
Homeroom 112 – Room 328
Homeroom 113 – Room 330
Homeroom 114 – Room 332

HS: Grade 9 Room Changes due to PSAT on October 14

Please note that tomorrow grade 9 classes will take place in the following locations due to the PSATs.
Homeroom 901 & History – Room 311
Homeroom 902 & English – Room 310
Homeroom 903 & Geometry – Room 313
Homeroom 904 & Spanish – Room 315
Homeroom 905 & Science – Room 309
At the end of the day, all grade 9 classes should ensure their rooms are neat and desks are in rows for the PSATs. Thank you!

Entire School: Reading Celebration Night

One day left to Reading Celebration Night! We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday night at 6:00pm. Show your school spirit by attending this event.

Entire School: This Friday is NOT a Dress Down Day

This Friday is NOT a dress down day. Our next dress down day will be on 10/23.

Entire School: Use of Staircases During Transitions

Due to the large number of students moving from one floor to the next, particularly during arrival, lunch and dismissal, it is imperative that students follow the UP and DOWN arrows located alongside stairwells. Simply put, if you are going upstairs, stay to your right. If you are going downstairs, stay to your right. This will minimize congestion, by preventing classes from going up and down the same staircase and having to walk around into each other. Signs have been placed at Stairwell B, on each floor, reminding students which doors they should be walking in through. Thank you for your cooperation. By adhering to these simple rules, even though it may seem that cutting around saves time, students will actually get to where they need to go more quickly.


Do you have a vision for The Scholars’ Academy? Would you like your voice heard? Please come to the Student Government interest meeting Friday, October 16, 2015 at 1:15 p.m. in the Dining Room.

HS: “Seawolves Go Pink” Volleyball Tournament

The Girls Varsity Volleyball Team will be hosting their fifth annual “Seawolves Go Pink” Volleyball Tournament on Thursday, October 29th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. This fundraiser event is for Scholars’ Academy high school students who would like to take part in a friendly competition through the sport of volleyball. Permission slips will be handed out in homeroom and are located outside Ms. Trpics’ room (room 138).

Entire School: Transition Changes Due to Upcoming Construction EFFECTIVE TODAY

The new transition plan goes into effect TODAY.

MS Lunch:
All students will enter and exit the yard through Exit C (exit between dining room and Ms. Worster’s room).
Students who go to yard first, at beginning of 5th period, will enter the yard through Exit C.
Students who are in the yard during the second half of 5th period will exit the yard through Exit C.
Normal access between the yard and dining room remains the same.

Fire Drills/Evacuations:
During fire drills, or in the event of an emergency or evacuation, all classes that exit through Stairwell B will continue using this exit.
However, as the yard will be inaccessible, students and staff will make an immediate left, walk down the path adjacent to the school yard towards Beach Channel Drive, and follow your normal fire drill route.


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PD and CEP

Middle School Period Time High School Period Time
AM Homeroom 8:00 – 8:15 1 8:00 – 8:46
1 8:16 – 9:02 AM Homeroom 8:47 – 9:02
2 9:04 – 9:50 2 9:04- 9:50
3 9:52 – 10:38 3 9:52 – 10:38
4 10:40-11:26 4 10:40-11:26
5 (Lunch) 11:28-12:14 5 11:28-12:14
PM Homeroom 12:16-12:24 PM Homeroom 12:16 -12:24
6 12:26 – 1:12 6 (Lunch) 12:26 – 1:12
7 1:14 – 2:02 7 1:14 – 2:02
8 2:04 – 2:50 8 2:04 – 2:50
9 2:52 – 3:35

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