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1) Want to win up to $750 in cash? Then you are encourage to participate in the AAA Traffic Safety Poster & Video Contest (K-12). Info here. 2) Read Scholars’ Newspaper: The Seaside Chronicle,  Volumen VII, Issue I, 2015-2016. 3) Take a look at this document to learn more about the Scholars’ Academy’s art contest for cover of 2016-17 year’s planner.

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SAT Word of the Day

reticent | reticente; reservado(a): (adjective).

Def.: not talking much, reserved

Ex.: Usually reticent, Janie surprised us all with her long story at lunch.

Scholars’ Featured Photo

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Chess Elective Class at Scholars' Academy

Chess Elective Class at Scholars’ Academy

Scholars from 2014-15 704 HR at Scholars' Academy

Scholars from 2014-15 704 HR at Scholars’ Academy

Twin Day at Scholars' Academy.

Twin Day at Scholars’ Academy.

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Coastal Flood Advisory

2:15 AM EST on February 10, 2016
12:00 PM EST on February 10, 2016

Special Statement

3:27 AM EST on February 10, 2016
7:00 AM EST on February 10, 2016
Snow Showers
Snow Showers
High 39°/Low 25°
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
High 29°/Low 15°
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
High 29°/Low 20°
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
High 18°/Low -1°

Scholars’ Academy Morning Messages (add one)

MS: LMC Open Access

5th period open access is canceled today for Humanities team meeting.


HS: Model UN Interest Meeting

Interested In Debate, World Affairs, and Having Fun? Then come and join us at the Model United Nations Interest Meeting on Thursday 2/25 from 3:35pm- 4:00pm for a simulated version of the same action that happens in the real United Nations.


HS: Stunt Team Tryouts

Stunt Tryouts will NOT take place this week. Stunt tryouts will take place on Monday 2/22 and the second date TBD. Please have your medical forms and PSAL Interscholastic Parental Consent Forms completed. We are looking for strength, endurance, and a positive attitude. Tumbling, gymnastics, and cheer experience are a plus!


HS: Boys Varsity baseball team

If you wish to try out for the varsity baseball team you must hand in all three forms (PSAL medical, PSAL consent, baseball Consent). Mr. Berman will be handing out new baseball consent form Thursday per 7 Friday per 3.

If you are not sure about which forms you have filled out Mr. Berman will be having a meeting Tuesday the 23rd. During this day students can hand in forms and check if any forms are missing. ALL students MUST ATTEND in order to try out for the team. The last day to hand in forms is Friday Feb. 26th


HS: Rehearsals for Spirit Week

Sophomores will rehearse on stage at 2:55 today.
Seniors will have the stage at 3:40 today.
All grades will rehearse on Thursday to prepare for their Friday performances.


HS: Respect for All Week Message #2

Snow White reminds us that, “you’re the only one who can fill the world with sunshine.” Today, consider some ways that you can spread positivity to others.


Entire School: Dress Down Day this Friday

This Friday is a dress down day.


Entire School: Respect For All

Here is a quick and easy way to remember how to show others you respect them. The Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want them to treat you.”




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PD and CEP

Middle School Period Time High School Period Time
AM Homeroom 8:00 – 8:15 1 8:00 – 8:46
1 8:16 – 9:02 AM Homeroom 8:47 – 9:02
2 9:04 – 9:50 2 9:04- 9:50
3 9:52 – 10:38 3 9:52 – 10:38
4 10:40-11:26 4 10:40-11:26
5 (Lunch) 11:28-12:14 5 11:28-12:14
PM Homeroom 12:16-12:24 PM Homeroom 12:16 -12:24
6 12:26 – 1:12 6 (Lunch) 12:26 – 1:12
7 1:14 – 2:02 7 1:14 – 2:02
8 2:04 – 2:50 8 2:04 – 2:50
9 2:52 – 3:35



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