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Address: 320 Beach 104th Street, Rockaway Park, NY 11694
Phone: 718-474-6918 | Fax: 718-945-8958
DOE: Scholars’ Academy’s DOE Portal
You can use the Scholars’ Academy Staff Points of Contact document if in need to contact an administrator.

Vision Statement: To engage the entire Scholars’ Academy Community in cultivating and celebrating well rounded scholars and citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to pursue success and happiness in the 21st Century

Mission Statement: To prepare for college and careers of the 21st Century

Theory of Action: To leverage technology to enhance student learning through increased efficiency and communication

Teacher’s Creed ( by Principal Brian O’Connell)

First, I will do no harm: not to body, not to mind, not to attitude, not to confidence, not to dreams, not to trust.

I will inspire, foster curiosity, engage, question, challenge, coach, and counsel.

I will engage students with and raise awareness of facts and known truths spanning history and cultures in order to teach students how to think in order to question facts and prove the new truths of tomorrow.

I will help students think and act with honor, ethics, and respect.

I will prepare all students to find what possibilities exist within their beings so they may pursue their potential and independently discover their respective roles in society.

I will be an educator:  one who draws forth the strengths of students to be independent, informed, productive, and participatory members of society.

Scholars’ Academy Instructional Focus


Comprehensive Education Plan Goals 2016-2017

Rigorous Instruction CEP Goal #1:

By June 2017, teachers will plan and enhance rigorous instructional tasks within each lesson plan to improve Questioning and Discussion Techniques which will result in at least 50% of all teacher observation evaluations scoring Highly Effective (HE) in Danielson Competency 3B (Questioning & Discussion Techniques.

Supportive Environment CEP Goal #2:

By June 2017, the Scholars’ Academy will enhance the school-wide Comprehensive Advisory Program to support the social, emotional and academic well-being of students as individuals, learners and members of the community through six advisory sessions resulting in at least 85% of students who agree or strongly agree with the three survey questions that pertain to students getting to know other students, teachers connecting to students cultures/backgrounds, and teachers notice when students are upset or have emotional difficulty.

Collaborative Professional Learning CEP Goal #3:

By June 2017, the Scholars’ Academy will implement a comprehensive collaborative professional learning plan that supports teacher readiness to engage in at least 3 advisory sessions, 3 collegial lesson study cycles, and a minimum of 4 subject team specific sessions designed to impact teacher use of questioning and discussion strategies via improved lesson task design and data analysis. This will result in 50% of teachers rated Highly Effective in Danielson Competency 3b, an increase of 3% from the 2015-2016 school year.

Effective School Leadership CEP Goal #4:

By June 2017, the leaders of six teams, critical to Scholars’ Academy functioning, will engage their respective teams in at least 3 Cycles of Learning protocol sessions on team-specific Problems of Practice which will enhance inter-school communication, ownership, and accountability.

The six teams are:

  1. Professional Learning
  2. School Safety
  3. College and Career Readiness
  4. Advisory (Task Force)
  5. School Implementation (Supporting Students with Varying Learning Styles), and
  6. Pupil Personnel

The leader from each of these teams will share data points with Cabinet and SLT at three checkpoints throughout the year and bring feedback to their teams to continue the Cycles of Learning process.

Strong Family and Community Ties CEP Goal #5:

By June 2017 the Scholars’ Academy will conduct four events planned to enhance Strong Family and Community Ties.

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