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27Q323 is an Accelerated College Preparatory School for Grades 6 to 12

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Scholars' Spotlight

Scholars’ Academy is very proud of high school junior, Pelumi Oloyede, who was named one of 20 semi-finalists, out of over 970 nationwide entrants from across 47 states, for the inaugural Yale Bassett Award for Community Engagement, which is sponsored by the Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration.

To earn this honor, Pelumi submitted multiple essays pertaining to her development through childhood, leadership and service in the community with the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance.

Amazing things taking place at Scholars'

Growing Scholars’ Growing Flowers!

Bye, bye daffodils and tulips. We’ll see them next year again. Hello annuals who like more sun. 605 worked hard planting the new flowers. All the old flowers will be composted in our compost bin.

In the images above, you can see Ms. Podmore teaching class 607 about the phases of matter. Solid changing to gas! As you can see, science is fun! This lesson was held in our school garden. Pictures by Mr. Bradley

This past Saturday (April 29th), a group of middle school students proudly represented Scholars' Academy at the Pi5NY Math Competition in Manhattan. It was an exciting and fun event, and these scholars will be celebrating today by wearing their Pi5NY shirts and coming to room 201 during period 4 for a celebration!

Chem Club uses shaving cream and food coloring to make beautiful designs.

Pictures by Ms. Foschino