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27Q323 is an Accelerated College Preparatory School for Grades 6 to 12

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Reminder to NOT park in Bank parking lot on 105th. Otherwise, your car will be towed at your own expense ($200-$400)

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605 plant the first vegetable of the season. A tomato plant grown from seed.

607 working on the Scholars’ Academy Composting Project.

Great job Mrs. Doran and the Scholars' Academy STUNT team!!!

Congratulations to our Scholars’ Chess Team for their accomplishment on Saturday, April 21 at the 2018 Chess In Schools Mathieu Eugene Chess Challenge.

The team of Christopher Laljit (6th grade), Jagmeet Minhas (8th grade), Stephanie Trache (7th grade), Ethan Fox (8th grade) & Ben Fox (10th grade) won the 1st place team trophy in the HS Novice (U1100) section.

This is our teams first time to ever win a CIS tournament!

Special mention to Ben Fox who won a Medal for his win of 3 out of 4 games and Ethan Fox, with a perfect score of 4 wins, who won the 3rd place trophy.

The picture includes our chess coach, Henry Scorcia.

CONGRATULATIONS to Fabiha Anjum from 804 for winning the PS art contest!! Her artwork was chosen out of 1,200 students from all around New York. Fabhia's artwork titled "City Serenity" is going to be on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art this June-October 2018.

Students taking Ms. Badia's 7th and 8th Grade Urban Art Elective were introduced to three visual artists from around the world who create self portraits on city maps. Students brought in free subway maps from their own neighborhoods to use as their canvas. Upon analyzing the work of Ed Fairburn, Mark Powell, and Matthew Cusik students used the elements of art to describe their artwork. Emphasis was made on value, texture, and line throughout this lesson. Students were asked to practice drawing self portraits through observation by using a mirror. Students were able to use a range of drawing tools to help create a balanced drawing. Students were also able to use charcoal, drawing pencils, ink, and or colored pencils as their medium. Students made connections through visual arts during this lesson because they were able to relate their community and neighborhood to a drawing project. Many students use public transportation every day and consider it to be essential part of living in New York City.