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27Q323 is an Accelerated College Preparatory School for Grades 6 to 12

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School is Out for Mid Winter Break!

We will be back on Monday, February 24th.

The Scholars' Academy's Signature Send Off for Founding Principal Brian O'Connell (Recap)

In The Beginning

Magic Box produced this video documenting the challenges of starting a new school for high performing students.

Scholars' Latest News!

Key Club Valentines Day Flower Sale Flyer

The Key Club hosted its annual Valentine's Day Flower Sale. Carnations and Roses were sold during homeroom and delivered on Valentine's day. The sale lasted from Monday, February 3rd to Tuesday, February 11th. Valentine's Day Photo Album

Lost Property for Week 2/10-2/14

Lost Property for Week 2/10-2/14
Lost Property for Week 2/10-2/14

MS. Smyth is Our Interim Acting Principal

Superintendent Jennifer Carreon-Ambert has announced, that Mrs. Michele Smyth will be the Scholars' Academy Interim Acting Principal!

"A great choice, smart, organized, hard-working, and proven winner in the Scholars' Academy Pack!" says Mr. O'Connell, Founding Principal. "Please read the this letter" he advises. "My last day, due to vacation, is tomorrow, Valentine's Day!" he continued in an email sent to parents. "Thank you for all of your support and loyalty over the years. I will see you sooner than later."

Mr. O'Connell Passing On the School Keys to Ms. Smyth
This is a banner promoting Respect for All Week.

Respect for All Week is next week and we will use the opportunity to be inclusive of others from all walks of life. We will have an awareness campaign for respecting diversity and anti-bullying by students wearing purple bracelets and staff dressing in purple on 2/12 and a special event on 2/14 - No One Eats Alone Day where PBIS mentors will be visiting MS lunch periods.

Here is our Event Preview (Unplugged) for February 14 Through February 29. We are making this possible after a lot of headaches in dealing with the repair of our TriCaster (the main equipment that makes our production possible). We are still waiting for its repair.

Green Team in the News!

Scholars' Academy Sustainability (Green) Team is making noise! They are featured in the DOE Sustainability Department's 2019 annual report. Check out page 34 for full report.

"At M.S. 323, the Scholar’s Academy in Queens, the Sustainability Coordinator and teacher (Jonathan Bradley) won a $5,000 grant to construct an outdoor greenhouse. This extends the growing season and opportunities for his gardening club to work outside. As a result, interest in gardening has grown and more student groups are learning from the greenhouse. A 7th grade STEAM class is studying how to improve thermal properties to capture more heat, and woodworking students are building raised bed and shelves for inside the greenhouse." Check out page 34 for full report.

Two Six grade students working in greenhouse
Two Six grade students working in greenhouse

Scholars' Sharing Best Teaching Practice

Scholars' Academy is currently part of the Instructional Framework Learning Lab Team. On Tuesday, February 12th, Scholars' hosted the first Learning Lab site and were visited by PS 55, PS 64, PS 108, and the High School of Construction Trades Engineering and Architecture. During this visit, the schools had the opportunity to visit classrooms and observe how the Think, Share, Critique, Synthesize Protocol is enhancing student engagement and critical thinking skills in the classroom. The schools were very impressed by the visit. We would like to thank Ms. Earle, Ms. Schifini, Mrs. Hilgendorf, and Mr. Hajtovic for opening up their classrooms to the visitors.

Group photo from Instructional Framework Learning Lab Team

CHEM Club/Scholar's Academy Supports our Troops

Three HS Girls creating cards
Four Girls creating Valentine's Cards
Valentine's Cards For Troops on Desk
Country station 94.7 Valentine's Card

Our CHEM Club members helped out this week as did 82 of our students when they wrote cards that will be sent to our troops for Valentine's Day. Country station 94.7 is sponsoring this program. Thank you to all that participated.

Scholars' First Hydroponics Tower

Thanks to Mr. Bradley and the Sprout by Design Team, we can now say we have a functioning Urban Farm currently located in room 103. The pictures below show our Scholars engaged and assembling Hydroponics Tower.

An image of Scholars' First Hydroponics Tower assembled and ready to farm
Students listen to presenter about Scholars First Hydroponics Tower
Students are assembling Students listen to presenter about Scholars' First Hydroponics Tower
Students are working to get our First Hydroponics Tower together

Former Seawolf Making Big Moves

Congratulations to Christ the King Senior and former Scholars’ middle schooler, Zephron Lester. On February 5th, Zephron chose between Stanford and Harvard football at a ceremony held at Christ the King. Anyone who had the pleasure of teaching him knows how well deserved this honor truly was. Once a Seawolf, always a Seawolf! Below is the moment in which he shared his decision. See video here. Blurb by Kristin Camarinos.

Zephron Lester and Ms. Camarinos posing for the picture.
Zephron Lester is Signing His Decision.
Zephron is seated down posing. Behind him are three adults standing.

Upcycling at it's finest!

Check out the bag made by Alyssa K. (9th grader). It is made from crocheted, previously used, plastic bags.

Single use plastic bags are hurting our environment, stopping them going into the trash helps.

This is a project completed in Ms. Worster's art class (putting the A in STEAM): Grade 9 Intro to 3D elective making art from recyclables.

Introduction to 3D Design is an art elective offered to grade 9 students. The main objective is to learn how to think and create, "in the round," or considering an artwork from all angles, or 360 degrees. This year, we have also focused on integrating engineering, sustainability, math and science in many of our projects, including our last unit in which students worked in groups to design and construct recycled newspaper towers. In this current unit, the one in which Alyssa create this reusable bag from smaller, plastic bag; students are using a wide array of recyclables to create sculptures that focus on repetition through form. Students are using many materials donated by the Scholars' community, including old CDs and DVDs, plastic bottles, cans, plastic cutlery and much more. (Blurb by Ms. Worster)

Alyssa K. posing with her purse made out of plastic bags.
A purse made out of plastic bags

More Computer Science Courses for 2020-21!

Because of a strong dedication of students and teachers, Scholars' Academy has been selected to receive an additional year of sponsored access to Edhesive courses through Amazon Future Engineer! This includes curriculums in Edhesive Introductory and AP computer science so teachers can lead computer science and coding courses in their classroom! Keep it up SEAWOLVES!


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