Scholars’ Academy Instructional Focus 2018-19

By engaging teachers in a collaborative professional learning process, specific to enhancing the learning tasks within each lesson plan, via the incorporation of universal and individual student learning supports, student engagement, motivation, and achievement will increase.

Scholars’ Academy Focus Priority Statement:

In order to remain sincere in our work pursuing the vision and mission of Scholars’ Academy, which is to engage our diverse school community in cultivating and celebrating well rounded scholars and citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to pursue success and happiness in the 21st Century, our staff, students, parents, and community partners will engage in a multi-layered effort to enhance student social-emotional intelligence, student bonds, cultural understanding, and a love of learning via an expanded Advisory Program which is buttressed by need-defined assemblies and a unique Renaissance Retreat Program wherein students and teachers pursue and experience a stress-reducing passion for teaching and learning based upon their interests.

Comprehensive Education Plan Goals 2018-2019

Rigorous Instruction CEP Goal #1:

By June 2019, teachers will design and enhance rigorous learning tasks within each lesson plan to embed universal and customized learning supports for all students, coupled with the use of a structured triad scale-up group critique-based discussion protocol, which will result in at least 60% of teacher observation evaluations scoring Highly Effective in Danielson Competency 3C Engaging Students in Learning.

Supportive Environment CEP Goal #2:

By June 2019, the Youth Development Team and the Advisory Task force will implement a differentiated staff and student supportive learning plan designed to improve peer bonds, as well as their social and emotional intelligence and cultural understanding, demonstrated through a 2% increase in a student self perception and teacher-student perception surveys over three intervals throughout the school year.

Collaborative Professional Learning CEP Goal #3:

By June 2019, the Scholars’ Academy will implement a comprehensive collaborative professional learning plan that supports teacher readiness to engage in at least 3 collegial lesson study cycles, and a minimum of 6 subject team specific student support design sessions, which will improve universal and customized learning supports for students, resulting in at least 60% of teacher observation evaluations rated Highly Effective in Danielson Competency 1E Designing Coherent Instruction.

Effective School Leadership CEP Goal #4:

By June 2019, the leaders of 4 teams, critical to Scholars’ Academy functioning, will engage their respective teams in at least 3 Cycles of Learning Protocol (COLP) sessions on team-specific Problems of Practice (POP) which will enhance ownership and accountability, as demonstrated by an increase of 5% of each team's perception of ownership and accountability on start and end year surveys.

The six teams are:

    1. Professional Learning
    2. School Safety
    3. College and Career Readiness
    4. Advisory (Task Force)
    5. School Implementation (Supporting Students with Varying Learning Styles), and
    6. Pupil Personnel

The leader from each of these teams will share data points with Cabinet and SLT at three checkpoints throughout the year and bring feedback to their teams to continue the Cycles of the Learning process.

Strong Family and Community Ties CEP Goal #5:

By June 2019, Scholars’ Academy Parents, Staff, and Students will organize and promote 3 FUN-draising Events to promote strong family and community ties that generate an average of 5% of the school population’s attendance/participation.