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Outstanding Scholar Parent Breakfast

Mr. O'Connell interviewed on Diversity

Grade 6 Students Interview Principal O’Connell about Diversity and it’s Synergistic Impact upon Scholars’ Academy

The Scholars' Academy was honored with The Blackboard Awards [read more]

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Special Events Celebrations

Principal O'Connell Black History Month Celebration MS Speech 2018.mp4

Principal O'Connell's Black History Month Celebration Speech 2018​

Teacher’s Creed ( by Principal Brian O’Connell)

First, I will do no harm: not to body, not to mind, not to attitude, not to confidence, not to dreams, not to trust.

I will inspire, foster curiosity, engage, question, challenge, coach, and counsel.

I will engage students with and raise awareness of facts and known truths spanning history and cultures in order to teach students how to think in order to question facts and prove the new truths of tomorrow.

I will help students think and act with honor, ethics, and respect.

I will prepare all students to find what possibilities exist within their beings so they may pursue their potential and independently discover their respective roles in society.

I will be an educator: one who draws forth the strengths of students to be independent, informed, productive, and participatory members of society.