Renaissance Retreat

Ambitious as ever, we have several exciting initiatives taking place during 2018-2019.

Renaissance means Rebirth. The most exciting and challenging initiative this year will be the expansion of our Advisory Program coupled with 8 uniquely scheduled Renaissance Retreat (RR) Days. Teachers have been surveyed about activities that they have a passion for with which they will plan to engage students for the purpose of enjoying learning (no tests, no quizzes, etc). Students were surveyed about types of activities they want which informed the teachers’ ideas. They were matched with their choices based on the courses that teachers advertised. Although everyone could not get their first choice, we did our best.

This initiative is also based on data from the School Learning Environment Survey data, rolling surveys of students, staff, and parents throughout the 2017-2018 school year, and information gathered from several focus group meetings that Principal O'Connell held with students. The Principal’s Focus Priority aligns with Comprehensive Education Plan Goal #2, which pertains to maintaining a Supportive Environment. Although a long statement, in short, we are restrenching our commitment to our school’s vision and mission by more than doubling our Student Advisory Sessions to 16 sessions, that will overlap with 8 uniquely scheduled Renaissance Retreat Days.

During this time, we will enhance student social-emotional intelligence, student bonds, cultural understanding, and a love of learning.