Scholars' Academy Recycles!

Take a second to properly use the garbage bins. The planet Earth THANKS you!

Scholars' Go Green Board
Three colored recycling bins from Scholars'

We are collecting plastic caps

Parents, Students and Staff,

We are collecting plastic caps and are going to have them turned into a garden bench.

It's not just bottle caps, it can be ANY cap made from plastic. For example, butter container caps or baby food caps.

There is a large blue collection container in the school cafeteria. Just send/or take in the caps and drop them off.

Spread the word! Tell grandma, uncle Bob, tell everyone. We will take all plastic caps.

We are always looking for ways to live "Green". This is a way for our school community to practice Green Living.

Thanks in advance for your participation!!

The Scholars' Academy Green Team

Recycling Bins in the Dining Room
Green Team Collecting Recyclables
Green Team Helping with Recycling in Dining Room
Recycling bins in classrooms
Green Team Sorting Plastic Bottles
Green Team Member Collecting Compost Material
Green Team Cutting Labels for Bins

The Green Team presidents (Teresa and Christian, both 11th graders) have been working with Ms. Christina Quintana putting together a HS Green Team. They are currently making the signage for the recycling stations in HS. They have already numbered all the bins in the rooms. This team will take full responsibility for all HS operations. Eventually they will also oversee MS operations (in a few years).

Excellent Recycling Behavior Acknowledgement System

The Green Team are starting an acknowledgement system to promote and encourage good recycling behaviors among homerooms.

Charts have been placed on the majority of the room doors on the 1st and 2nd floor. HS will be participating soon.

Stickers will be placed on the charts daily.

Green: All three bins have the correct materials in them and are in the correct location.

Yellow: Almost all good. But one or two items could be in the wrong bin, or the bins are not in the assigned location.

Red: All three bins have the wrong materials in them or the bins and signage have been moved.

Every Monday a new chart will be put up.

The Acknowledgements for the great recycling behavior will come soon. Below are some ideas.


  • Recognition on the Tuesday morning message

Monthly (options)

  • A planned extra recess in the yard on a Wednesday, period 5, or another suitable period (Mr. Bradley will supervise). Mr. Bradley will coordinate with the homeroom to sort a day/period that works (taking into account exams, advisory, etc....).
  • OR a Dress Down day

Per Marking Period

  • Pizza party

Per Year

  • A Recycling Class [Fun] Trip (planned by Mr. Bradley).


Thank you Councilman Eric Ulrich for providing a grant partnership with the Queens Botanical Garden and our Student Garden Club, led by the science teacher, Jonathan Bradley. Thanks to this joint partnership supported by our active and tenacious City Councilman Eric Ulrich, our garden is finally back to life after being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. See it’s beauty in this very short slide show.

Lawn being fixed

Recycle Your Pumpkins

The Scholars' Green Team want your pumpkins!!!! We will chop them up and add them to our compost pile. This will reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. You can send them in with your kid or drop them at the garden gates at the corner of Beach Channel Drive and 104th St.

Pumpkins out in the school yard

We Want Your Trash

Parents/Caregivers and Students,

We want some of you trash! In STEAM class we have been discussing how reducing the amount of trash going to landfills is one way to help the environment.

To model this, we are going to collect certain trash, organize it, and reuse the materials in school.

The trash flyer linked below details what we will be collecting. ONLY items listed on the flyer will be collected at this time.

Just send the items to school with your kid and they can drop them off in my room.

The materials will be used in the 7th grade engineering STEAM class to construct, art classes to create, 8th grade STEAM media class as props, and the math and science classes for hands on activities.

Thank you in advance for considering your participation.

Mr. Bradley

6th Grade STEAM Teacher and Scholars' Sustainability Coordinator