Renaissance Retreat 19-20

Renaissance Retreat 5 & Advisory Session 10

When: Wednesday, February 26th.

What: Cultural Celebration: Black History Month Celebration

Why: Self-Awareness

Renaissance Retreat Day: Session 4

Tuesday, January 7th ||| Focus: Social Awareness

The presenter for the assembly is motivational speaker Molly Kenney and the title of the workshop is called "Creating the Champion Within." She is a former athlete and teacher and the goal of the presentation is to improve student's mental fitness and help students to develop a resilient mindset that breeds confidence and success. We are looking forward to her presentation.

Please bring in an artifact from your culture to share with your peers and teachers! Artifacts can be anything but some ideas are: song lyrics, clothing, religious objects, favorite recipes, games, musical instruments, and household items. The items should be meaningful to the students and prompt discussion with their peers. Please do not bring food:)

One of the assemblies was live-streamed

Renaissance Retreat Day #3 and December Outstanding Scholar Assembly

On Monday, December 9th we had our 3rd Renaissance Retreat Day. Additionally, each grade had its Outstanding Scholar ceremony during the Hispanic Heritage Month Performance. The advisory session for this day focused on self-management and self-awareness. Click the links below to re-watch each grade(s) Outstanding Scholar Assembly along with the Hispanic Heritage Month Performance.

Assemblies and Photo Album

Grade 6&7 Assembly Live Streaming | Grade 8 Assembly Live Streaming | Grade 9&10 Assembly Live Streaming | Grade 11&12 Assembly Live Streaming