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"Brooklyn girls lend voices to help end hunger"

By: Pix11 News | Jan 08, 2021 [Read Full Article]

One of our 8th graders, Jolie Wasserman, was featured on Pix 11 News for her amazing efforts in creating the "Voices to End Hunger" program!


[...] “Voices to End Hunger” singers, 13-year-old Jolie Wasserman and 9-year-old Scarlett Diviney have used their network of young performer friends to join them for the cabarets. [...]

[...] In previous cabarets, they have raised enough money to feed 40,000 New Yorkers, supported multiple organizations with funds and food, and in November, they were able to give Sloan Kettering Food Pantry enough food to feed hundreds of cancer patients around the City for Thanksgiving. [...]

[...] Catch their winter spectacular Friday at 7 p.m. live on Facebook.

You can also donate through paypal: or through Venmo: @Voicestoendhunger

Mrs. Smyth Featured in The Wave
Ms. Smyth Featured on The Wave

Steering Scholars’ Academy In Uncharted Waters

SA’s acting principal Michele Smyth is maintaining community in a world of remote learning.

The Wave | on April 02, 2020 [Read Full Article]

[...] “It wasn’t in my job description to be a principal during a pandemic,” said Smyth, who now spends her days juggling online meetings and providing support to teachers and students as they navigate the uncharted waters of remote learning.

“Right now we are operating very much in the moment,” the principal explained. “I think my most important role is to keep our school community together and maintain communications with our families, students, and staff.” [...]

Scholars' Students featured in The Rockaway Times
Scholars' Students featured in The Rockaway Times

MTA Meeting Was Anything But a ‘Community Conversation’

The Rockaway Times / Kami-Leigh Agard / 13 February 2020 [Read Full Article]

[...] "In an interview with The Rockaway Times, Scholars’ Academy students, Christian Hernandez, Student Government President; and Lily Mikell, Student Government Secretary of Communications, who both attended the RISE meeting, said that they brought up legitimate concerns, which they felt were ignored by MTA reps.

“We took a survey at our school and so far we have 306 responses with 43% saying that eliminating the Q22 service west of Beach 116th Street would negatively impact students’ commute; 82.5% saying that removal of the Q53 would negatively impact their commute,” Hernandez said. “Plus eliminating the Q53 bus would affect students with disabilities.”

Mikell also expressed how the potential of a men’s shelter opening on Beach 101st Street would be a double-blow if the Q53 bus is eliminated and students have to transfer to several buses, on streets where homeless men could be walking around.

“When the question was posed about how this will negatively impact the community, one of the representatives responded, ‘Just drive.’” Mikell said, “I thought that was so rude, especially at a meeting where students were voicing their concerns. It made me wonder, ‘Are they even listening to us?' [...]

concerned Residents at the MTA workshop
Residents voice their concerns at the MTA workshop

Hope For The Q53

MTA is rethinking Rockaway service cuts mapped in new bus plan

The Wave | February 06, 2020 [Read Full Article]

[...] "Members of Scholars’ Academy’s student government surveyed their classmates on the proposed changes and came to the workshop armed with their results: Eighty-one percent of the 254 students surveyed said the removal of the Q53 bus would negatively impact their commute, and forty-seven percent of respondents said changes to the Q35 bus would negatively impact their trip to and from school, said Student Government President Christian Hernandez, who attended the workshop with a dozen other Scholars’ students." [...]