Scholar Spotlight

Taylor W. won on NYC Shakespeare Competition

1st Place & Cash Prize

We are overjoyed to share that our very own Taylor W. has won the 1st Place New York City Shakespeare Competition. She competed against High School students all across the city with her portrayal of Gonreil from King Lear as well as Sonnet 3. Taylor will be competing at the 38th ESU National Shakespeare Competition to be held digitally on April 26th, 2021. Taylor has also won a $500 cash prize. We are so proud of you!!! Bravo!!!

Mandala (Drawing): Zarin T. PS Art SemiFinalist

Congratulations to sophomore Zarin T. for having 2 works of art advance to the semi-final round of PS Art!

"Mandala" is a drawing that incorporates unique symbols, such as the stars, that hold significance in Zarin's life.

Adidas Sneaker (drawing): Zarin T. PS Art SemiFinalist

"Shoe" is a drawing that allowed Zarin understand how important it is to pay close attention to detail when it comes to art in order to make certain elements stand out more. It also helped her improve her use of value scales.

Kaylyn S. Rockaway Beach artwork at Cuisine by Claudette

Congratulations to senior Kaylyn S. for her two works of art at Cuisine by Claudette.

The horizontal piece was done in chalkboard markers. It captures the energy that comes to Rockaway Beach, hence why there is so much free motion.

Kaylyn S. artwork of a golden fish at Cuisine by Claudette

Koi Fish done in acrylic paint and watercolor It represents abundance, perseverance, and strength.