Photo Gallery

Here is a gist of the amazing things that takes place at Scholars' Academy

High School Spirit Week Boards Fall 2018

6th grade STEM classes have been busy working in our garden. We just harvested some crops, planted daffodil bulbs, and put down wood chips to improve soil quality.

6th grade STEM classes have been working with RWA (Rockaway Water Alliance) learning about plastic pollution and cleaning our local beaches.

A Wonderful Visit

Curtis from the Harlem Magic Masters stoped by Scholars' Academy. The girls from the volleyball team couldn’t let him go without a photo!

Help Young Women Pursuing Careers in the Music Industry

Last year, Mr. Leicht wrote a letter of recommendation for Sharon Arcos Gamba for Sound Thinking, a summer program that promotes young women taking part in the professional music recording industry.

As a result, she was admitted into the program last summer, where she flourished.

She informed Mr. Leicht that next summer she is entitled to a paid internship in a recording studio.

Read the story HERE.


What's Happening at Scholars' Academy?

Today, Thursday, October 4th, a delegation of educators from South Korea visited us. Ms. Kohn, Ms. Montalvo, Ms. J Henck, Ms. Tubridy and Ms. Podmore each led a group around the building and visited classrooms around the building. Students were engaged in meaningful tasks and were collaborating in their triads in deep discussions about the content. There was purposeful use of technology and teachers in many rooms took time to answer questions about their practice. The educators were extremely grateful to us all for hosting them and wished for us to communicate their appreciation to the entire school community.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this visit a success and to the leadership of DOE's iLearn who coordinated this visit. We do have a wonderful, collaborative school culture here and Scholars' Academy and it was an honor to be a part of sharing it with our international community of colleagues!