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Here is a gist of the amazing things that takes place at Scholars' Academy

Simisola Adeosun Posing with Mr. O'

Simisola Adeosun received the Youth Leadership Award from Senator Addabbo Friday, June 8th.

Rockaway Rotary Honorees

Scholars’ Academy Senior Anesa Hanif and graduating 8th grade star, Arinola Adeosun are celebrated for their character and dedication to others through community service by the entire Rockaway Rotary on June 6, 2018.

Anesa Hanif posing with award
Anesa Hanif and Arinola Adeosun posing with Mr. O
Arinola Adeosun posing with award
Six graders Building Bridges
Female students Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Summer is a busy time for construction. 6th grade have started construction on their bridge projects. Let's hope they meet all the code restrictions.

Three students coding
Boy and Girl coding
Male student working on computer
Female students coding
Students engaged in coding
Students coding together
Group of students in front of table coding

7th Grade Coders

7th graders learned to how to code using beads to represent binary code (blue was 0's and orange was 1's). They used binary code (with beads) to spell out scientific vocabulary terms. They had fun!

Students discussing on coding
Students happily coding
Coding is fun
Computer screen

Making Ice Cream

Another fun day in chemistry! Directions: Take a sweet mixture, place in a coffee can filled with ice and salt. Then, shake for about 15 minutes. The mixture will freeze. Add toppings. Enjoy :) Students that are fasting were given the mix, and the salt so they can enjoy it at night.

Two male students showing their icecream
Students enjoying ice cream
Female students adding weep cream to ice cream
female student enjoying ice cream
Group of students eating ice cream
group of students posing

Scholars’ Learn How to Be Engineers of Tomorrow

Via the Engineering Tomorrow Organization STEM Event, Scholars’ Learned How to Build Bridges and Assess Their Designs Using Stress Test Equipment.

Students in AP Physics 1 & C from Scholars’ Academy High School participated on a full day conference titled “Physics STEM Engineering Tomorrow” on Thursday, May 31st at the Scholars' Academy's gymnasium, thanks to Mr. Paulina and the STEM Organization at General Electric Company. From early in the morning, students were engaged in different presentations and workshops on how engineering is changing our future. Two key engineering presentations and workshops were about bridge building and solar energy. Below are some pictures of the conference.

Students in conference
Students in the lab
Students working in the gym
Group of students working together
Group of female students working together
Students engaged in learning
Students working with small solar panels
male students testing their bridge
students in the theater
Student working with solar panel
Student working
Students testing solar panel with light
Students putting solar panel together
three students assembling solar panel
Students discussing solar panels
Students talking about solar panels

Scholars’ Student Ambassadors learn how to raise awareness and educate to mitigate forms of bias.

Scholars’ Academy Invited Students from Channel View School for Research and New Visions Charter High School to work with Project Reach to Learn About Empathy, Respect, and Acceptance.

Proud of Our Scholars’ Going Off to Work During the Summer!

TOP: Is a NYCDOE paid work experience internship for high school students (preferably juniors and seniors) to develop job skills, work attitudes and practical employment experience.

Proud of Scholars’ Registering to Vote! Learning How to Be Empowered Citizens as They Go Off to College Next Year!

At Scholars’ Academy, students in 12th grade economics classes learned how to be empowered voters to make an impact in their community by choosing their elected officials and voicing their decisions on community budgets and referenda.

Scholars' Spotlight

Jessica Mulholland with her original book entry on display for the Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition. We are very proud of her accomplishment! Learn more about the Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition HERE


The Scholars' Academy Band performs at the 2018 Memorial Day Parade.

Growing Scholars’ Growing Flowers!

Bye, bye daffodils and tulips. We’ll see them next year again. Hello annuals who like more sun. 605 worked hard planting the new flowers. All the old flowers will be composted in our compost bin.

In the images below, you can see Ms. Podmore teaching class 607 about the phases of matter. Solid changing to gas! As you can see, science is fun! This lesson was held in our school garden. Pictures by Mr. Bradley

This past Saturday (April 29th), a group of middle school students proudly represented Scholars' Academy at the Pi5NY Math Competition in Manhattan. It was an exciting and fun event, and these scholars will be celebrating today by wearing their Pi5NY shirts and coming to room 201 during period 4 for a celebration!

Chem Club uses shaving cream and food coloring to make beautiful designs.

Pictures by Ms. Foschino

Scholars' Spotlight

Scholars’ Academy is very proud of high school junior, Pelumi Oloyede, who was named one of 20 semi-finalists, out of over 970 nationwide entrants from across 47 states, for the inaugural Yale Bassett Award for Community Engagement, which is sponsored by the Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration.

To earn this honor, Pelumi submitted multiple essays pertaining to her development through childhood, leadership and service in the community with the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance.

On Tuesday, May 24th, 6th grade visited the NY Hall of Science. It was a very educational and fun trip!

605 plant the first vegetable of the season. A tomato plant grown from seed.

607 working on the Scholars’ Academy Composting Project.

Great job Mrs. Doran and the Scholars' Academy STUNT team!!!

Congratulations to our Scholars’ Chess Team for their accomplishment on Saturday, April 21 at the 2018 Chess In Schools Mathieu Eugene Chess Challenge.

The team of Christopher Laljit (6th grade), Jagmeet Minhas (8th grade), Stephanie Trache (7th grade), Ethan Fox (8th grade) & Ben Fox (10th grade) won the 1st place team trophy in the HS Novice (U1100) section.

This is our teams first time to ever win a CIS tournament!

Special mention to Ben Fox who won a Medal for his win of 3 out of 4 games and Ethan Fox, with a perfect score of 4 wins, who won the 3rd place trophy.

The picture includes our chess coach, Henry Scorcia.

CONGRATULATIONS to Fabiha Anjum from 804 for winning the PS art contest!! Her artwork was chosen out of 1,200 students from all around New York. Fabhia's artwork titled "City Serenity" is going to be on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art this June-October 2018.

Students taking Ms. Badia's 7th and 8th Grade Urban Art Elective were introduced to three visual artists from around the world who create self portraits on city maps. Students brought in free subway maps from their own neighborhoods to use as their canvas. Upon analyzing the work of Ed Fairburn, Mark Powell, and Matthew Cusik students used the elements of art to describe their artwork. Emphasis was made on value, texture, and line throughout this lesson. Students were asked to practice drawing self portraits through observation by using a mirror. Students were able to use a range of drawing tools to help create a balanced drawing. Students were also able to use charcoal, drawing pencils, ink, and or colored pencils as their medium. Students made connections through visual arts during this lesson because they were able to relate their community and neighborhood to a drawing project. Many students use public transportation every day and consider it to be essential part of living in New York City.

Congratulations to Kristen R.! On Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, she won a section at the CIS All Girls New York City Chess Championship (the Junior High – High School Unrated Section). This was her first ever Chess Tournament. Kristen is in the 6th grade chess elective and the Scholars' Millennium Chess Program.

In February, Scholars' Academy students and teachers participated in a Black History Month Door Decoration Contest. Below are some of the decorated doors. The winner homeroom received a dress down pass.

Congratulations to our Scholars’ Academy chess players for their awesome wins at The Right Move Chess Tournament on Sunday, Jan. 14th. Scholars' players won the Unrated Section earning a 1st place team trophy. A Scholars' team also won the 1st place team trophy for the knight section (a rated section). Too many of our players won medals to mention. This tournament was a great success!

Each year, there is a citywide braille competition for all of the students in DOE vision services for the whole city. They compete in braille speed and accuracy, and braille reading comprehension, and interpreting charts and graphs. MAISHA R. in class 606 took SECOND PLACE in her age group in the entire city, and was only 3 points away from 1st place. We are so proud of her! She is a great student and her determination is unbelievable. It is a great learning experience in customized supports! The technology that she uses to access everything is mind-blowing. Click here to learn more.

Our Scholars' are not just children, they are future leaders. Last week 6th-grade Scholar Patrick Fitzgerald got the opportunity to shadow Principal O'Connell and see what a day is like outside the classroom. Patrick was able to ask questions to school safety, office and support staff, he enjoyed walking the halls and checking in on classrooms. Patrick said he was super excited that he got to meet Mr. Chiachere (Our Head Custodian Engineer) and all of the members of our custodial team. He even got the chance to hold a scholars' staff radio! Overall Patrick said, "Being a Principal is fun...but it's a lot of work, Mr. O gets so many emails and phone calls and he has to approve paperwork like approving Mr. Pepe's Radio Amplifier". Patrick said how he might want to be a principal when he grows up, and it was fun getting to spend time with "the man who runs the building", great job Patrick you will be a great Principal someday!

A Grand Event Honoring Former Scholars’ Academy Founding Regional Superintendent Dr. Kathleen Cashin.On 1/3/18, over 400 guests congratulated Fordham Professor and New York State Regent, Dr. Kathleen Cashin who received the honors of Irish Woman of the Year and 2018 NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Aide to the Grand Marshal.

Pictured left to right are: Parent Association President Mark Larotonda, Parents Fancy Kumararaja and Kathirvel Kumararaja, Principal Brian O’Connell, Regent Dr. Kathleen Cashin, Assistant Principals: Michele Smyth, Scott Milczewski, Dannielle Colleran, and Toni Marie Viera.

Thank You Parent Association

A big thank you to the PA for our latest purchase. We are now able to use Ipad Tripods to bring additional Ipad stations during our Fitness Units. As you can see in the pic we can now move our fitness groups to the center of the gym allowing for more groupings and less students per group. Thank you for your assistance with this purchase.


On Friday, December 22nd, the Scholars' Academy High School Chorus continued their annual tradition of spreading holiday cheer through song! They started on 4th period (10:40am) on the 3rd floor. They popped into classrooms, hallways, and offices to sing a few carols. They continued with the 2nd and 1st floors through periods 5 and 6.

Congratulations to our Scholars’ Academy chess players for their awesome wins at The Right Move Chess Tournament on Sunday, Jan. 14th.

Scholars' players won the Unrated Section earning a 1st place team trophy.

A Scholars' team also won the 1st place team trophy for the knight section (a rated section).

Too many of our players won medals to mention. This tournament was a great success!

Congratulations to senior Kevin C., the recipient of a FULL scholarship to Stanford University in California!! Way to go Kevin!! We are very proud of you!

Chelsea, Jada, and Sabiha are part of the Website Team and have been working very hard on several, tedious and time consuming tasks to maintain the school website updated with new and eye catching content. Stay tuned for exciting new features!

The Scholars' Academy Marching Band performed for 4,500 students with special needs at a holiday celebration (known as "Operation Santa") at JFK Airport on December 7, 2017.

Broadridge On Site Visit for the Scholars' mentees

Scholars’ Academy students visit Broadridge Financial Solutions on Wednesday, November 29th, as part of their Broadridge Ambassadors Mentorship Program. Broadridge, led by CEO Rich Daly, is the Career Readiness Partner of the Scholars’ Academy.

Scholars’ Academy Juniors participate in the Broadridge Ambassador’s Career Readiness Program. They meet with their mentors once a month. They learn many skills such as resume writing, personal branding, interview skills etc. Scholars’ Academy is the proud PENCIL (Principal for a Day Partner) of Broadridge Financial Incorporated led by CEO Rich Daly.

Scholars' Academy's High School students participates in a Scholarship Bowling Tournament with Mr. Milczewski at Jib Lanes on Saturday, December 2nd.

Hard work pays off! These revered writers from 6A became “English Professors” for the day by guiding their classmates through writing revision stations. Not only did they master the task but their classmates agreed that they were very effective instructors. Quite a few students have been inspired and are applying for faculty positions!

Scholars' Academy High School Spirit Week 11/13-17/2017

Freshmen: The Lion King

Sophomore: Aladdin

Juniors: West Side Story

Seniors: Grease

This week we celebrated HS Spirit Week! During high school spirit week, each grade is assigned a topic as part of a unifying theme and engages in a series of activities to earn points for their grade. This year all of the grades did an amazing job in every category. The competition within each category was extremely close, and it was apparent to all that the bar has been raised yet again!

We would like to recognize the maturity and cooperation of all students within this intense, yet friendly, competition. All of the students involved have given their all to the board creation, costumes and of course, the performances! The performers were all respectful of one another and demonstrated appreciation for the staff who supported them. The audience for both shows were terrific. The shows themselves were incredible and will be viewable for everyone over this weekend on the Cube - the password will be removed - so anyone who did not get a chance to watch live can watch the performances on The cube.

Freshmen - This year’s freshmen class lived up to the very high bar set by our current sophomore class! The board design was three dimensional and included sound! The performance of The Lion King did an amazing job of incorporating CHART and featured some really impressive singing and dancing. The script was smart and funny! Way to go for your first year in the HS Spirit Week Competition!

Sophomore - The sophomore board was beautifully done! The sophomores demonstrated their tremendous knowledge of musical theater during the logic competition. The sophomore class also demonstrated incredible creativity with their costumes, especially considering the difficulty of Aladdin as the musical! The performance included an original song and professionally printed Playbills! The acting, singing and dancing were all fantastic!

Juniors - The junior class designed an interactive board, letting all of us decide if we are a jet or a shark at heart and to see our inner Maria! The juniors had a very impressive rate of participation this year with the dress up competition which included a slew of Jets, Sharks, Marias, an Officer Krumpke and even a “jet”-plane. The performance featured exceptional, broadway-esque choreography and a unique approach to the definition of the West Side Story. Sean’s multiple characters in the show provided perfect comedic flare.

Seniors - Seniors created the first ever multi-layered, perfectly proportioned three dimensional board! The seniors all participated in the dress up competition and included characters Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Frenchie, beauty school drop outs, Cha-Chas, and even the Grease Lightning car and hair grease! The seniors clearly enjoyed their final performance and brought Rydell high to Scholars’ once again.

After all of the hard work and fun - it is finally time to announce the winners!

The performances were all so well done and everyone should be very proud.

    • In fourth place, with a score of 78, are the freshmen with their production of The Lion King.
    • In third place, with a score of 81, are the juniors, with their production of West Side Story
    • The runners up, with a score of 82, are the seniors, with Grease Lightning
    • And the winners of the performance, for the second time in Scholars’ history, are the sophomores with their production of Aladdin! Congratulations Sophomores!! We can’t wait to see your performance next year!

And now, for the overall winners of Spirit Week . .. After winning the boards, logic and dress up competition, for the second time in their Scholars’ career, and the second graduating class to win two spirit week competitions, the Class of 2018 has won Spirit Week 2017-18!!

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!!!

The SENIORS have won spirit week!!!!

Scholars’ Academy band, directed by Mr. Leicht, opens up the Lil North Pole 2017 event (11/12/17), run by Mr. Joe Mure, with the national anthem. The Lil North Pole event is a major Rockaway Community event that raises awareness and funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Photo: Principal O'Connell

The Hispanic Heritage Month was honored and celebrated at the Scholars' Academy's Middle School's Outstanding Scholar of the Month Assembly with multicultural dances, singing and with video presentation put together by High School students and directed by Mrs. Torres-Almonte.

"Shaping the bright future of America" is this year's AP Spanish theme. With this in mind, Mrs. Torres-Almonte ran a school wide door decoration project in celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month. Middle and High School teachers participated by decorating and highlighting the culture, history and people of their selected Spanish Speaking country.

Ms. Foschino, a High School teacher, runs a Mole Day Contest every year. Here are the great contenders for the Mole Day Contest. Stay tuned for the top three winners :)

The High School Spirit Week took off on Monday, November 13th with different events each day. Monday - Board Competition. Tuesday - Logic Competition. Wednesday - Theme Dress-Up Competition. Thursday - Performance Competition. Friday - Winners Announced & Spirit Week Banner Presented (Pd. 5)

Freshmen: The Lion King

Sophomore: Aladdin

Juniors: West Side Story

Seniors: Grease

Congratulations to Stephanie Trache for her awesome win at The Right Move Chess Tournament on Sunday, Oct. 15th. In the Under 600 Section, Stephanie won all four games she played and her perfect score won the 1st Place Individual trophy. Photo: Mr. Bradley

Congratulations to Scholars’ Academy & Millennium chess player Jagmeet Minhas for his win on Sunday (11/12/17) at the Royal Panther Cup Chess tournament. He took home the 1st Place Trophy in the Under 400 Section with 3.5 wins. Way to go Jagmeet! Photo: Mr. Bradley.

Juniors & Seniors visited SUNY Albany and Siena College

Juniors & Seniors visited SUNY Albany and Siena College 10/31/17. Photo: Ms. Caraccio

Juniors & Seniors visited SUNY Albany and Siena College

Juniors & Seniors visited SUNY Albany and Siena College 10/31/17. Photo: Ms. Caraccio

STEM gardening class (603) have planted daffodil bulbs all around our school grounds. 11/2/17 Photo: Mr. Bradley

The Gardening Club at work on 10/16/17. Photo: Mr. Bradley

Scholars from 603 have worked hard to brighten up 104th street during the Gardening STEM class. Photo: Mr. Bradley

Gardening STEM Class greets the US Marine on 10/16. Photo: Mr. Bradley