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Celebrating College Access For All

View the High School Graduation Ceremony Recording Below

View the MS Scholars of the Month assembly LIVE on Thursday, June 20th at 9 AM (same password)

View 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony LIVE on Friday, June 21st at 9 AM

Last Event Preview of the Year

Re-watch the Spring Concert and Art Show {See Album}

Juniors who participated in the Broadridge Mentoring Program during the school year attended a culminating event with their Broadridge Mentors. There was a panel discussion with members of the Broadridge Management Trainee Program. Students were able to learn about the college and career from the trainees.

In this video, some of the 7th graders are representing Scholars' Academy's values in each class! Follow us through their daily lives and see what the class environment is like. Each 7th grader shows qualities of being Cooperative, Hardworking, Amiable, Respectful, and Trustworthiness (CHART) which helps them get through each day successfully.

This year the 6th grade Magic Box Elective class composed a documentary about diversity at Scholars’ Academy. The production was not only based on racial diversity at our school, but also diversity in classes, learning styles, sports, activities, and clubs. Everyone in the class had an important role in this production whether it was filming, editing, acting, or screenwriting. The students had a lot of fun and made many memories.