BoxTop Coupons: Clip it or Scan it icons

Scholars' Collects Box Top$ for Education

Monday, March 2nd was the Spring deadline to collect and send out unexpired BoxTop$ coupons and certificates (learn more).

The next deadline is Friday, October 30th. Please take a moment and look around your classroom, office, and your house and search for products that carry a BoxTop$ coupon and/or certificate (See the full list here). Anything dated on or after 11/1/2020 is good for this deadline. In order for it to count, the expiration date and the sponsoring brand cannot be cut off. If you have any BoxTop$, please bring them to the main office and deposit them in the BoxTop$ Box.

BoxTop$ can also be collected electronically, the new way (learn more). If you can help in this way, download the BoxTop App in the Apple Store or on Google Play store, and create an account. Make sure to add Scholars’ Academy as your supporting School. The School ID is 961953. If you buy products with the “Scan” label, you can scan your receipts within 14 days of purchase (watch tutorial video).

The Scholars' Strong Actionable Suggestion Box

Students, Parents, and Staff may use this form to share "actionable" or realistic ideas for school improvement. For example: "Let's ask student government to do a school-wide nutrition week." Please share your best ideas and be sure to include "action steps" to prove you have put real thought into this to determine whether it is realistic or actionable. It is always a good idea to run your good ideas by friends, family, or staff before including them. They may be able to help you refine your thinking and action steps.

For now, find the Suggestion Box link below this message. Moving forward, you can find this Suggestion Box in the Morning Message are, to the right, below the Student Government Icon.

Thanks for all of your good ideas!

Nominate a Teacher

Celebrate outstanding educators in your school by nominating them for the eighth annual Big Apple Awards. Anyone can submit a Big Apple Awards nomination, from parents and students to teachers, staff, and community members. Nominations for the 2020 Big Apple Awards are open through Monday, December 2. Make sure to visit the Big Apple Awards website, and submit a nomination today!

Recycle Your Pumpkins

The Scholars' Green Team want your pumpkins!!!! We will chop them up and add them to our compost pile. This will reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. You can send them in with your kid or drop them at the garden gates at the corner of Beach Channel Drive and 104th St.

Pumpkins out in the school yard

We Want Your Trash

Parents/Caregivers and Students,

We want some of you trash! In STEAM class we have been discussing how reducing the amount of trash going to landfills is one way to help the environment.

To model this, we are going to collect certain trash, organize it, and reuse the materials in school.

The trash flyer linked below details what we will be collecting. ONLY items listed on the flyer will be collected at this time.

Just send the items to school with your kid and they can drop them off in my room.

The materials will be used in the 7th grade engineering STEAM class to construct, art classes to create, 8th grade STEAM media class as props, and the math and science classes for hands on activities.

Thank you in advance for considering your participation.

Mr. Bradley

6th Grade STEAM Teacher and Scholars' Sustainability Coordinator


From now until Friday, November 15th, the Scholars' Academy Key Club is having a food drive! Please help in aiding starving New Yorkers in need who cannot provide for themselves. There will be donation bins set up in the main office and the cafeteria. All non-perishable food will be accepted, so any canned items, cereal, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Every donation counts so please make sure to contribute! Don't forget to check all expiration dates too!

$$$ For Scholars' Academy

The Scholars’ Academy has the opportunity to participate in and earn CASH from A+ School Rewards, this is a great fundraising program from Stop & Shop!

See THIS document with the instructions below as well as the link. Please note that any family members or friends with a Stop & Shop card can register for this program to earn cash for Scholars'.