My name is Mr. Lavanco, and I am the 9th grade guidance Counselor here at The Scholars’ Academy. As a counselor, I meet with students both individually and in groups. I also conduct workshops throughout the school year. I am hopeful that this year will be filled with new and rewarding experiences! The beginning of ninth grade may be challenging as students transition from middle school to high school. Students may feel overwhelmed, excited, confused, or optimistic about what is to come. Ninth grade is a very significant year as students begin to prepare for a successful future. Throughout the school year, students will start exploring colleges and the world of careers. It is also the time where students begin to build their transcript which follows them throughout their academic careers. At the Scholars’ Academy, we require all high school students to complete twenty-five hours of community service per year. I advise parents and students to check PupilPath emails to be informed of local events to earn service hours. It is also helpful to look at our Guidance Website from time to time for recent updates and opportunities for additional community service hours.

Below are some resources to get you started in building your resume which will need to be updated and maintained in order to stay prepared for upcoming opportunities that may become available.

Your Resume

Colleges are interested in recruiting students who are interesting, worldly, passionate involved and caring. Resumes are the space where you tell colleges, scholarships and potential employers who you are outside of the classroom, what interests you and how you have decided to pursue those interests. Very often, colleges (and scholarships) base their acceptance decisions on your extra-curricular involvement. For this, it is very important you get involved in extra-curricular activities while in high school and that you progressively document these activities in your resume.

Getting Started

This worksheet can help you organize the information you need to build your resume. You can also draw inspiration from this sample resume.