Hi im Ms. Calder,

I am the current 10th grade guidance counselor. I am hopeful that this year will be filled with new and rewarding opportunities! Tenth grade is a very exciting year as students continue to prepare for a successful future. Throughout the school year, students will continue to explore colleges and the world of careers. Tenth grade students will be exposed to a variety of experiences that will help them to be college and career ready!


The PSAT is a standardized test sponsored by the College Board. Scholars' Academy students take this test in sophomore as a way to prepare for the SAT. Students will take this exam in the spring of their sophomore year. Scholars' Academy does not offer the PSAT to juniors. Students who want to take the PSAT in the fall of their junior year for NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship) consideration must find a testing site. You can find a site by going to College Board and following the links for home schooled students.

Below are two practice tests from the college board website. We recommend downloading the College board app called "Daily Practice for the SAT®". With the app you are able to scan your bubble sheets for your score as well as receive explanations of why each question is correct/incorrect.

Additional Free PSAT and SAT prep

College Board Prep

Castle Learning

Khan Academy