Lost & Found

At Scholars' Academy Dining Room

Dear Scholars' Families,We at Scholars' Academy value the hard work that parents do to provide for their children. However, sometimes our fortune is forgotten or lost. Each week, we will post pictures of lost items for your retrieval. This is an honor system. (The T of CHART is for Trustworthy!) School personnel have no way of determining who the rightful owners are of these belongings. Therefore, the school assumes no liability or responsibility for items that are viewed here to which ownership may be disputed. The school will present the items to the first Scholars' Academy student, parent, or staff member who claims ownership. The school will not maintain records thereof. The uniform items will be donated to goodwill or cleaned and provided to students in need or loaned to students who may be (inadvertently) out of dress code if desired. Non-uniform items will be donated to goodwill each month. Our staff will send this site's link out on the 1st Friday of each month via pupilpath. The link will be constantly available on our landing page/website as well. So check often! If you identify a familiar object, send an email to any one of the following staff members who will assist you:jyannello@scholarsnyc.com (Ms. Yannello)mbenn@scholarsnyc.com (Ms. Benn)Alas, we can still not assist anyone with that pesky missing sock that seems to be eaten by the invisible monster that we all seem to have living in the dryer. LOL Have a great day!Mr. O' Connell